The Dotrim nano Network: Introduction

Posted by Neville on March 15, 2011 under Networks | 2 Comments to Read

nano NetworkThe Small Network Alternative:

After some concerns about the unresponsive nature of some BIG Social / Business  Networks in the past few days I have been chewing over the notion of the viability of smaller, laser-focussed networks.

As an experiment I have started to check out the practical aspects of establishing and maintaining a nano Network.

The term nano Network, from a little research usually appears in the electronics and communications fields, and because it fits neatly with the concept of a small network of like-minded people I have co-opted the term to describe the type of network that I have envisioned.

A nano Network will limit itself in numbers to ensure that there are not too many members with the potential for distractions. It is aimed to make the participation in a nano Network focus on just a small range of easy to manage activities. The members of a nano Network will cooperate, share and generally interact with each other in depth rather than just superficial, fleeting “friendships”.

All of the confusing, distracting aspects of the BIG networks will be left behind.

So how does a nano Network work?

Firstly, as an example, the Dotrim nano Network is based on a WordPress installation. It will have many of the features of a typical blog.

  • Posts will be displayed in order.
  • Each post can be assigned Categories and Tags for easier navigation.
  • The posts will be written by members of the nano Network.
    • Anybody will register at the site to read and comment.
    • Members will be upgraded to Editor, so they can write and edit posts to share.
    • Members are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts, thus building their reputation and standing.
  • A Forum has been established for members to share discussions away from the public forum of the network.
    • The forum has facility for Private Messaging when appropriate.
  • The Dotrim nano Network will focus mainly on the area of Internet Marketing in Social Networks and Blogs.

If you are interested in checking out the progress so far you can link to the Dotrim nano Network HERE.

In the next few days there will be further materials added, so don’t forget to come back. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions to this post or at the Dotrim nano Network.

If you are really keen to get in on the ground floor at this new nano Network, navigate to the Register Page and complete the 2 step process to become one of the first members.

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  • Anne Sales said,

    Interesting idea Neville.
    I presume that you will limit the number of members that can be part of the nano network. If so, have you got a number in mind?
    Also, will you create topical nano-networks?

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Anne,

    The idea of a nano Network is to stay small, so thst it can be responsive and focussed. So yes I have a number in mind.

    I will be creating other nano Networks, but not too many as that will make it difficult to manage. So I am now working on a report that outlines the process for creating nano Networks that I will share with those interested.