Social Networks: Too Big To Be Effective?

Posted by Neville on March 14, 2011 under Blogging, Networks, Reviews | 7 Comments to Read

Getting Lost In The Networks?

Social NetworksHow many Social Networks do you belong to and is you time being spent wisely on them?

That’s the question that I had to ask myself when I found that one of them was not producing the results that they were promising.

This particular Business Social Network has an affiliate program, that will produce income from referrals that upgrade to a paid account. My activity had produced a few referrals, but unfortunately not one of them ever did anything but sign up. They added nothing to their profile, did not contribute any content and were basically just a number added to the total number of members to that site.

I asked a question about my problem in contacting my downline in the feature that they provide . The response from 2 of the admins at the site basically told me I need to wait until the referral adds me to their contact. One of them even implied that if I want to advertise to them I could it by way of a bulletin. It was not my intention to advertise, but to support the new member in using the network.

In this article at the Network I asked if others were having the same problem with contacting the people in their downline. There was little response, so I have decided to spend less time at this unresponsive network.

The situation above, typical of BIG Social Networks, where it often hard to navigate around and you spend a lot of time and energy for little result, lead me to consider investigating the possibility of establishing a SMALL Social Network.

So that is where I am at right now, investigating the possibilities.

What do think? Does it have potential?

Will it be possible to attract people to a small responsive, laser-targetted nano Network?

nano Network

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  • Michael Landau said,

    I have no idea whether you wouldc be able to attract people to such a network or not, but I will say that you’re going to have a tremendous amount of competition. I belong to several social networks, and frankly I don’t have time to bother with most of them. I have decided to pick one and basically forget about the rest. I simply don’t have time to go running from one social network to the next. If you think you can do it, go ahead and give it and try, but what you are proposing is going to be extremely difficult to do. Quite frankly I think most of the smaller networks popping up all over the Internet will probably fail, but I guess every guy out there thinks he knows something that the other guys do not.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Michael,

    Yes I am sure that the nano Networks idea will be a challenge, but as they say in the classics, “Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.”

    At least it will provide an interesting experience.

  • Dotrim nano Network » Doing Truth Reality in Internet Marketing said,

    […] some concerns about the unresponsive nature of some BIG Social / Business  Networks in the past few days I have been chewing over the notion […]

  • Maria Pavel said,

    “Getting Lost In The Networks” is my middle name, there are so many and they’re so huge that i can’t seem to use even half of them. I would need to stay up 20 hours each day just tweaking them. Even so, with 4-5 i use right now i feel like i’m spending too much time.
    A small Social Network would be a good idea, go for it!

  • Anne Sales said,

    Hi Neville, Out of a hundred social network and bookmark I signed up, I mainly use facebook and twitter. However, your question whether I’m spending my time with them wisely is thought-provoking. My facebook is mainly for keeping up to date with family and friends across the globe and I only use twitter for my website promotion.
    You mentioned establishing a small social network. Are you going to make your own social network site or are you going to use any of the established ones already? Would be interesting to know what you come up with.

  • TECHNOLOGY said,

    I don’t think Social networking sites have got potential.

  • Neville said,

    Anne, your use of Facebook and Twitter sound very much like the way I use them.

    The thing that I found found with Social Networks is that I tend to communicate with just a small number of “friends” in there, and all of the other activity just seems to be distracting “noise”

    The nano Network idea that I am investigating and experimenting with could be ideally suited for a range of situations. A family working together recording their Family History, a group of like-minded marketers sharing their ideas and successes, a teacher and students working on a project…. The possibilities are almost endless.

    My aim now, is to set up a couple of these nano Networks and then document the process so that others can duplicate it.