Road Testing Traffic Exchanges

Posted by Neville on March 6, 2011 under Reviews, Traffic | 5 Comments to Read

Checking out 5 Traffic Exchanges.

A few hours ago I spent some time surfing 5 TEs at the same time using multiple tabs in my browser. This was done by loading a page in one TE and then moving to the next tab to load the next page in that TE.

The 5 Exchanges were:


manual traffic exchange


free manual traffic exchange
free manual traffic exchange


The comments below reflect my observations about the ease of surfing, the rate at which bonuses are given and how you progress from site to site. There is no conclusion made about the effectiveness of each TE, such as how many hits per click and whether the others browsing act on any of the pages they view. That is the subject for another post after analysing some stats.

What Did I Find?

Each TE will be addressed in turn.

TrafficAdBar TAB):

  • Perhaps the slowest of the 5 tested.
  • Regular (and relatively generous) bonus credits. Every 25 sites, increasing after each 25 sites.
  • Irregular checks to ensure that you are surfing manually.
  • You select the page to view from 3 possibles, using a text ad.
  • Thumbnail image of the person submitting the page, and possibility to look at more of their pages.
  • Constant update on how many hits to your sites, and your daily rank in pages seen.


  • Slowish, possibly because of graphics to be loaded. 10 sec per page.
  • You select the page to view from the 3 thumbnail images presented.
  • Opportunity to link with the submitter. There is also a chat option to chat with other surfers.
  • Bonuses are small and irregularly spaced. They are easy to miss, especially if multi-tab surfing.

ListSurfing: (LS)

  • Fast to load. Time on sites varies by level of membership.
  • No bonuses in the 100+ pages surfed.
  • No selection by surfer of Pages presented. Click a matching symbol to progress.

HitsBoosterPro: (HBP)

  • Fast. 6 second timer.
  • No bonuses until after 100 sites surfed. Contests for lots of pages surfed.
  • Match symbols to progress to the next site to view. Surfer does not choose.

LiveTrafficNetwork: (LTN)

  • Fast, 6 second timer.
  • Bonus points after 150 pages. Collect a wordfind letter after each 15. Small bonus credits when word is completed.
  • Progress to the next site by matching number symbols.
  • Also has the chat option.

The last 3 on this list all have a very similar appearance, possibly running from very similar scripts.

One feature that became really obvious at times comes from the annoying sites that  have an auto-loading video or audio. This became off-putting when  2 sites were trying to play their audio at the same time.  It is also interesting to note that those pages tend to be slow to load, and often I moved on to the next site before the page loaded. Kind of defeats the purpose of having the page on the Exchange.

What are your experiences with TEs? Have you checked out the 5 that I have reviewed here?

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  • Maria Pavel said,

    Haven’t tried those, but my experience with traffic exchange programs is in general a bad one. The manual ones take to much time to build credit, and the automatic ones are usually useless and not even worth the time to create an account.

    I don’t know how these websites still survive. They were ok a few years ago, but lost value over the years.

  • Neville said,

    The value of Traffic Exchanges in bringing real action to a site is a topic for another post after some more research. I am hoping to get that underway in few days time when I have set up some ways to compare these TEs.

    The 5 I have tested above are relatively recent additions to the TE market and perhaps indicate that these TEs are becoming more social with greater opportunities for networking with other users.

  • Kimi said,

    Hi Neville,

    I had bad experience with traffic exchange..

    My only problem was, are they really real visitors or softwares or even bots..

    I prefer natural traffic, because traffic exchanges is a waste of time for me.

    Thanks for the review, because I have never used them.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Kimi,

    As I hinted in this post the real test of a TE is in how much action the surfers take while surfing. Things like do any of them actually stop and look at your site?

    I am checking out some stats and should have a post ready on that topic in a few days.

  • Ken said,

    I’ve tried TE’s before in the past and all I can say is horrible and actually annoying results. First of all my email address that I used at that time ended up getting spammed to death and second of all the traffic to your website is not targeted traffic. To me that is the best type of traffic- laser targeted traffic- people already searching for what you have to offer. In TE’s everyone there is only there for one reason and that’s to get some traffic to their site no matter what kind of traffic. That’s why TE’s always end up being non-profitable and a disappointment in the end because there’s no ROI. I’m looking for the day that TE’s actually convert traffic and then I’ll be a fan.