Road Testing Traffic Exchanges: Part 2

Posted by Neville on March 10, 2011 under Reviews, Traffic | 2 Comments to Read

Now For The Real Stuff.

A couple of posts before this one I indicated which Traffic Exchanges from the 5 I tested performed best as far a speed, style of Traffic Exchangepresenting sites and added features were concerned.

The Results

This post will have a brief outline of the results that a period of relatively intense use of TEs has produced.

Let me put it this way. If my surfing the TEs produced hundreds of hits to my sites, but not one new sign up to my list, that surfing was valueless. The only real value out of the exercise is confirming that, for now at least, surfing the TEs is a waste of time and effort.

Of course the problem could be that the sites I have listed in the TEs are not attracting any of the other surfers to click on them. I have had several different style pages displaying on the TEs, from Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages and pages from my blog.

The Data

As an example of the ineffectiveness of TEs in producing useful traffic to a site, I will use the data from Google Analytics and a plugin installed on this blog.

Before this latest intensive session of TE surfing the daily hits to my blog averaged around 3o, with a bounce rate of just over 50%, and average time on the site greater than 1 minute.

During the intensive surfing campaign the daily hits went to more than 200, which on the surface looks like a big increase in traffic. However the bounce rate went to more than 90% (that is 90% of the hits were to just 1 page) and the average time on the site went down to less tha 45 seconds. All of this indicating that the traffic to the site was basically passing traffic, with none stopping off to check out the site.

This is confirmed in the Who’s Online plugin which gives data on where the hit has come from, which page has been viewed and how long the visit was for. The vast majority of hits in the time of intensive surfing were from the TEs and the visits were very short.

The Effect:

The result of this is that I spent quite some time this morning cancelling subscriptions to all but 3 TES. That includes several that were not included in the road test, but are similar in operation to those cancelled.

I have maintained membership in the 3 TEs that provide some extra features such as allowing me to choose which sites to view or have some social networking capabilities built in.


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  • Maria Pavel said,

    I’ve tested TEs in the past and the results are = a waste of time. At least it’s not a waste of money, but time is also precious to a blogger.

  • Neville said,

    The folks at the TEs will say that this is not way to work them, but unless there are some other benefits, just getting hits to a site does not actually achieve anything.
    No doubt I will come back and have another go with them later, but for now I’ll concentrate on building the blog with real interactions.