Pester Power: The Marketer’s Power Tool

Posted by Neville on March 30, 2011 under Reviews | Read the First Comment

Pester Power Is One Of My Pet Peeves.

Pester PowerWhat is Pester Power?

If you have kids you will know what that is. They want something and they will keep asking for it until they wear you down and you give in and let them have it.

There are some strategies that Internet Marketers use that are a lot like like Pester Power.

Have you joined a list to buy something or to get a free offer, and then you are blasted daily by emails from them trying to get to buy something else, usually with a big price tag? They are using Pester Power because they read somewhere that it usually takes 7 messages before you can get someone to buy what you are selling.

What about those pop-ups that appear when you try to leave a page? The one that asks if you want really want to leave because they have a great offer for you. Do you find them annoying and a distraction. Which button should I push to leave the page, Cancel or OK. Confusing! And another example of Pester Power.

How do you deal with Pester Power?

Are you strong like the responsible parent and resist the temptation to give in? Or does the constant request for your money and time wear you down and you take up the offer?

What you think of marketers that use the power of pestering to suck you into their program or opportunity? Are they the cause for so many potential customers being driven away? Are these Internet marketers the online version of the Used Car Salesman?

By the way: If you finds that anything from this site is tending towards using Pester Power please let us know.

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  • Maria Pavel said,

    There was an ad going around with a father and a child in a supermarket doing shopping. The child wanted his father to buy him something, and for that he first started crying, then rolling on the floor while people watched terrified. It was an ad for condoms 🙂

    And yes, i hate those popups with Yes and Cancel in confusing places. I actually have to read the damn thing just to know how i can leave the page.