Dotrim nano Network: Continued

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Why Join a Small or nano Network?

With all of the possible pathways for connecting in a large network, it is not surprising that members can get get lost, feelDotrim nano Network confused and not be able to navigate their way around.

The nano Network will help you escape from the clutches of a big, overpowering network.

There will be less people to connect with, and the people who are there will, by being a member of the network will have chosen to take part. They won’t be there just because it’s the latest cool thing to do on the ‘Net. Relationships in a nano Network are likely to be closer than a fleeting “add as friend” and then forget about them.

In a nano Network there will be no need to search for “friends”. They will already be there and will welcome you to their focussed activities.

The material generated in the network will most likely be highly focussed on the purpose for the network.  Because the focus is targetted, the amount of irrelevant discussions and overt pushing of the  latest new Hot Opportunity will be minimal, and anyone in the group will soon find that any effort in that direction will be wasted.

So What Do nano Networks Focus On? 

The simple answer to that question is: Anything that the Network members want to take as their focus.

For example: A group of Internet Marketers who have found that they waste a lot of time in the big social networks, dealing with the huge amount of offers, deals, hot opportunities and general spruiking of “products”, may want to take their networking to a quieter place to be able to share their ideas. A nano Network would give them an ideal point for such sharing, and maybe even some cooperative marketing.

Another example: Is your family doing some family History research? Are you looking for a central spot to publish findings, share tales and make it available for family and perhaps others to view and contribute to. Why not set up your own nano Network?

And another: The teacher has a class project that the students could build on and contribute. Can you see a nano Network helping to establish that project?

So How Do You Set Up a nano Network?

I have started to  establish a nano Network as an example of what can be done, but of course there will be lots of other ways to set up your own nano Network.

This Dotrim nano Network is based on WordPress, the platform that is commonly used for blogging. Word Press is however much more powerful than just a blogging platform.  Details on how to start a nano Network using WordPress  will be published in an upcoming eBook, to be made available here.

So if you are interested in following the development of the Dotrim nano Network (and contributing to that development) visit the Register page to find out how.

At this stage you can

  • Register as a Subscriber. To receive an occasional email update, and read and comment on articles.
  • Register as a Contributor (Author), to be able to post your own articles to the Network, as well as all benefits of being a Subscriber. This level requires a small monthly payment. (Free trial for 1 month).

As the network develops the process for Registering will be made simpler. Will we see you there?

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