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Posted by Neville on March 29, 2011 under Blogging, Networks, Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Power Of WordPress Shines Again.

WPSA PluginI have been investigating ways to make it easier for people to Subscribe/Register to take full advantage of participation in another of my blogs, the Dotrim nano Network. It looked like being a tricky little job to manage, but then in my inbox a couple of days was an offer of a plugin for WordPress that serves as both a subscription and product management system.

I think I used to call that Serendipity, but whatever it’s called it came just at the right time.

Following a bit of fiddling and setting up, the plugin is all set to go and I have started to put it into action.

Details about Membership at the Dotrim nano Network (DnN) are on the page in there called Subscribe.

You can also pick up the WP Sales Automator plugin by Subscribing to participate in DnN.  There it is given as bonus for subscribing, saving you the original purchase price.

I can also include the plugin (at no extra cost) in any WordPress installation done on my Dotrim Blog hosting service.

If neither of the above options are enticing enough, then you can buy the plugin directly from HERE.

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