4 Reasons To Scale Down Your Social Networking

Posted by Neville on March 22, 2011 under Networks | Comments are off for this article

That is, apart from the ridiculous amount of time you can spend Social Networking.Social Networks

Too Much Noise:

Did you join Facebook just to keep up with off line friends and family? And now you seem to have lots of “friends” that you’ll never get to meet. They post lots of trivial little things about themselves that really are of no interest to you.

Are you tempted to respond to the businesses that now want you check them out on Facebook? As if you don’t already spend enough time just getting through the clutter.

Sure you might miss something, but you’ll certainly spend time searching out the occasional jewel. As if we aren’t time-poor enough already.

Too Complicated:

Have you joined a Social Network where there are so many options, so many different ways to set up your profile, so many ways to communicate with others?

And does that site often seem to be having problems with some of its features working. Usually the one you want to work is broken just at the time you want to use it, and the admins don’t seem to be able to recify it.

Too Many Dodgy Users:

This is perhaps a problem for those calling themselves Business Social Networks. They are perfect for the marketers trying to push somebody else’s latest hot new scheme. Unfortunately some of them verge on being illegal or unworkable, and it takes time sifting them out.

These also appear to be safe havens for the lazy marketers who publish other people’s PLR articles as if theywere their own. You would be lucky to find more than a handful of members that you feel comfortable adding to your contacts.

In some of these networks the moderators seem to be a law unto themsleves and publicly berate their members and each other at times. That certainly is not producing a welcoming feeling.

Too Unfocussed:

Do you find that you have to scan through a whole lot of different subjects to find anything of value.

Do you really want videos of a whole range of different genres to sort through? Are there lots of groups to join, but not the ones that you would find useful?

The Solution:

Leave The Big Networks Behind.

Start your own nano Network.

  • You choose the focus.
  • You invite and limit the membership.
  • You set it up the way that you and your real friends like.

Make it yours.

To find out more about the development of a nano Network visit the Dotrim nano Network (DnN). While you are there you can:

  • Register as a subscriber.
  • Become an author at the Network.
  • or add comments (your suggestions) to the posts

Make a nano Network for yourself that focusses on your needs and interests, and share that with others with thsoe same needs and interests.

  • Family and Friends.
  • Colleagues in the offline world.
  • Collaborative projects.
  • You think of it, You can build it!
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