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Posted by Neville on February 23, 2011 under Blogging, Money | 3 Comments to Read

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So you have heard that Blogging Makes Money!

Money From BlogEveryone says you can do it. They even have been convinced that it is an easy way to make that money, and in no time they will holidaying in exotic places while their expensive sports car is parked at their recently acquired mansion.

That, unfortunately is not the way it works for most people. Making money from blogging is hard work if it is to be achieved and sustained.

This post will very briefly outline some ways in which you can monetize (ugly word!) your blog.

Contextual Advertising:

You can register to be publisher at various services that provide advertising that can be placed on your blog. An efficient provider of contextual ads can, in theory, choose ads that are displayed on your blog that are relevant to the content of the blog. For example if you blog is about pet care, it should be able to show ads for pet care products. This sounds good, but be aware that some ads might show products from your competition.

You make money from these ads when a reader clicks on an ad that is displayed on your site. These are usually very small amounts but with great posts and a large readership these small amounts can add up.

Paid Advertising:

You may be able to convince a seller of a product that you have responsive readership with those readers potentially willing to buy that seller’s products. If that is the case you could sell a spot on your blog for a monthly fee to the advertiser. That way you keep the fee paid, and the seller keeps the money made from any sales.

Affiliate Marketing:

This appears to be a common method of creating income from a blog.

In this case you register with a seller or affiliate manager to allow you to advertise products they manage, and for each sale you receive a commission. This ranges from a very small percentage of the selling price of an item to sometimes a large proportion of that selling price.

There are several large affiliate management services, with Clickbank being one of the better known ones. By searching you should be able to find others, and work out which one would be best for you.

Often when you buy a product online the seller may have an affiliate program that allows you to register and become an affiliate. They will often provide you with banners and text ads that you can insert in your blog, making it easier to set up as that affiliate.

Marketing To A List:

If you set up a subscription at your blog, you can establish a mailing list and email to that list with your own products or those for which you are an affiliate. That way you have on your list a group of people who have already responded to what you have to offer at least once, by subscribing to your list.

This method requires some extra work such as setting up and using an auto-responder, but information on doing that is outside the scope of this post.

Selling Your Blog:

Sounds a bit drastic, I know, but if you have established a great blog that has credibility, authority, traffic and a proven track record, there may be buyers out there willing to pay good money to take over your blog. Once again the practical aspects of this are beyond this report.

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  • Maria Pavel said,

    Yes, i’ve heard that blogging makes money!
    But i’ve never seen it, it’s just a myth for me.
    I guess contextual advertising is the easiest method to implement, only problem is you need a lot of visitors for it to work.
    Thanks for the tips, you kind of raised my hopes up.

  • Sue Tamani said,

    Heya Neville – thanks so much for your eBook mate. I really can empathise with your frustrations. A few weeks ago, I had no internet connection at all for a few days. Guess what? I wrote 10 articles LOL

  • Neville said,

    Hi Sue,

    I’m hoping to have the results of my downtime available soon. I didn’t quite make it to 10 articles, but as you mentioned there can be some benefits to taking a break from being online all of the time.