Traffic Exchanges: Revisiting An Earlier Post

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Traffic Exchanges: More than Traffic.

Way back in October last year (about 5 months ago) I wrote a post questioning the value of Traffic Exchanges in building responsive traffic to your site.

Traffic Exchange

Free Traffic

Since that time I have continued to monitor some results from surfing a few Traffic Exchanges. The result is that by surfing the exchanges on a regular basis can help to build up traffic numbers (hits or visits) to your site. These numbers have been verified by checking my Google Analytics stats and the data provided in my dashboard by the Who’s Online widget.

On the days when I surf the number of hits goes up. If I miss a few days of surfing the numbers flatten out.

But this says nothing about whether those hits are converted into action, such as signing up for an ebook or adding a comment to the blog.

It now appears that my impression of what a Traffic Exchange is for now needs to be modified.

Many Traffic Exchanges have affiliate programs for rewarding members that refer new members. They also offer tools for helping members to make better use of the Traffic Exchange.

The best way for you to check out what a couple of these exchanges has to offer is to visit their sites. The banners below will take you to these 2 sites. There’s more to each of these sites than just building traffic.

Traffic Splash:

ThumbVu: a combination of Traffic Exchange and Social Media site.

free manual traffic exchange


Both of these sites have free to join memberships, but of course they will encourage anyone subscribing to upgrade, and when you have signed up you will be exposed to some compelling OTO (One Time Offers).

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