To VB Or Not To VB: Video Blogging

Posted by Neville on February 3, 2011 under Blogging, Training | 6 Comments to Read

Video Blogging

Videos seem to appearing in many blogs and video-blogging is becoming a common occurence.

Often the blogger will appear in their video, filmed in a location in their home, or outside in the garden.  Many of these videos look to be professionally produced with a carefully prepared script, clear audio and crisp vision.

But so often it looks like the blogger has just decided to test their lastest new toy, filmed in their back room with cluttered background and  a rambling, unscripted chat.

Screencasting and Training Videos

Another common method for using video in a blog is in a training situation. The blogger has a How To… video to demonstrate a particular feature or process. Like the video described above, these range from the professionally prepared instructional video to the ad-hoc, screencast made on the fly, with no obvious script or plan.

A recent example that I saw had a presentation in which the speaker coughed and spluttered through much of the talk, and then halfway through was obviously interrupted by a family member, who was reminded that the speaker was doing a training video.  The topic he was trying to demonstrate was being covered quite well, but the presentation was very distracting.

Video training is growing and there are lots of resources out there, and in my surfing through many of those I have found quite a few that are free samples to help you decide to buy others from that provider.

I hope to find several of these and point them out to readers of this blog so that you can also find these low cost training videos that will help with developing your blog.

If you know of a good free video or two that could be used for training, please add the details in a comment to this post.

Just to start of this series of posts, here is one that I did recently to show how to set up an RSS feed, to make it easy for readers to subscribe.

You can also find links to some training video series in the sidebar.

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  • Philippe Moisan said,

    ” the speaker coughed and spluttered through much of the talk, and then halfway through was obviously interrupted by a family member”

    Now that is ridiculous. That guy never heard of preparation ? 🙂

  • Anne Sales | Coupon Codes said,

    Well, video blogging is going to be next big thing, I suppose. It is more convenient than writing a post. Some people just don’t have the knack for writing but they can talk. However, like you pointed out they must follow some guidelines just as one would when writing.

  • Paula said,

    I do not see myself sitting in front of a camera yet. I would feel uncomfartable. I also have a personal dislike of many vids I see now, as well vids with people and screencast. Many are very pushy, some people talk on it as if they want to brainwash me. Many are also too long. So i usely surf with sound off. However many people seem to like it and if it IS going to be the next big thing I will try it. When I would do it I would prepare myself good. I would come my hair and put on some nice clothes and clean up my desk. I would not record next to a Ferrari in front of a villa that I do not own. I do not like hype or deception. I would write down what I wanted to say and also offer this text to view below the video or as a download. To give people a choice to watch or to read. Personally I think that video chat is a good tool. You really interact, you can see the expression of the face and the body language of the other person. But since I am camera shy I really have to cross a personal border. But I will, in due time.

  • Chuck Bartok said,

    Good points made above regarding Video.
    For those too
    shy” I suggest starting with Slide Show videos,
    “6 steps to washing Dog” etc. and your voice will begin to be recognized.
    I have found the slide shows then can be re-purposed to other venues and expanding the results of your efforst

  • Muhammad waheed said,

    good sites i like

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