Revised Resourceful Blogging eBook Now Available

Posted by Neville on February 28, 2011 under Resources | 2 Comments to Read

Resourceful BloggingGet the revised edition of Resourceful Blogging.

I had some time in the past few days to edit and upload a revised edition of the Resourceful Blogging eBook.

Time On My Hands

The past few days have not been very productive as far as being online is concerned.

It is very frustrating to be away from home and my reliable internet service when all that was available was a wireless connection provided by the Tourist Park where we were staying. First the connection was very slow, and so slow that some pages did not even finish loading before the browser gave up and refused to load any more. Then on the second day I was informed that the service provider was doing an upgrade which meant that access was not available.

Later that day when I tried to get online again, the service was even slower. So I gave up.

But Not All Was Lost

With no online time available, that left me with the opportunity to do some preparation and revision of current material that I have online.

Chief among these is an upgrade to the RESOURCEFUL BLOGGING eBook that subscribers can download. If you have already subscribed, I will be sending an email with the link to the revised edition in the near future.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, then now is the ideal opportunity to get the newly revised edition, with its steamlined content and extra resource links. There are also bonuses that go with the eBook with useful information and opportunities for making money from blogging.

More resources, some as a result of my recent forced offline time, will be added soon, and subscribers informed when that happens.

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  • Anne Sales said,

    Thanks, Nev, I’ve just downloaded it and will go through it at once. I looked at the content and they do look interesting.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Anne. Best wishes for your blogging.