Getting Social In A Traffic Exchange

Posted by Neville on February 14, 2011 under Reviews, Traffic | 5 Comments to Read

Get More Out Your Traffic Exchange

I used to think that Traffic Exchanges were just a whole of people wanting to advertise their sites to other TE users, in the hope of boosting up traffic numbers and maybe scoring a click or two on their site.

That seems to have changed with some new players in the TE game.

One of those is ThumbVu, and the question has been asked: Is ThumbVu a Traffic Exchange or a Social Media site?

I’ll let you decide that for yourself, but here are a couple of features that are worth checking out. Please refer to the arrows and letters on the image below.



The following are just a sample of some of the features of ThumbVu, and I believe that it’s definitely worth checking out this TE / Social Media site. There is a free membership level for you to do just that.

Now for the features:

A: Thumbnail images of sites to surf.

Once you get started with surfing, you will be given 3 options to view next. These will be shown to you as thumbnail images, so you get to choose which one you actually view next. The thumnail image will give you an idea of what the site is, so you can be a little discriminating about your surfing.

B: Profile Of the SiteOwner:

You get to see who has added the site to the ThumbVue exchange. There is an option to show the Social Media sites that the owner has registered with, and you can connect with them there right from the ThumbVu site, while surfing!
There is also the option to subscribe to the list of that owner if they have included a form. This profile can be opened, as in the image above, or hidden with just the profile picture and Social links showing.
Did you notice the Gold Stars? They indicate the status level of the user at ThumbVu.

C: List Subscription form:

This was mentioned above, and is an option that members can add to the profile that shows while surfing.

D: Like Button:

This little feature, tucked away on the site owner profile allows you to indicate that you like (Thumbs Up) or dislike (Thumbs down) the particular site you are viewing.
And all of this while you can chat with other surfers in real time!

The advantages of chat?

On just my second time in chat I happened to meet a graphic designer. At the same time John Guanzon was chatting, and as a part of his weekend giveaway at the time he offered to pay for the graphic designer to design a logo for me. That new logo will appear on this blog soon.
So, yes, go ahead and check out ThumbVu for yourself. It’s a great way to surf with the added advantages of adding great contacts to your lists.

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  • John Guanzon said,

    Wow! Neville thank you so much, this is an awesome review about Thumbvu. I appreciate you taking the time to break down the features like you did, that’s just plain awesome.

    Members like you is why thumbvu will continue to stand out and grow!

  • Neville said,

    Thanks John,
    There is so much more that I could have said about the great features at ThumbVu, but I am still exploring them, and the post would have been way too long!

    Thanks for your offer on the logo. I am happy with the result that Virginia produced promptly, based on the information I gave.

  • Anne Sales | Coupon Codes said,

    So, are you sporting your new logo yet? I don’t remember but it looks like new. It’s nice! Impressive! Good for you!

  • Neville said,

    Yes Anne, the new logo has been placed in the header. Thanks for your feedback.

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