The comluv Plugin Has Been Installed

Posted by Neville on January 25, 2011 under Blogging, Comments, How To | 5 Comments to Read

How To Use comluv on this Blog

Just 24 hours ago I installed the comluv plugin to this blog, and in this post I will show what that looks like and how to make use of it when making a comment.

To be able to use the plugin on this blog to link back to yours, you will also have to have it installed on your WordPress blog.

Comment LuvIn the example shown here there is a comment that has been added to the blog and at the end of the comment you can see a link to a recent post made by the commenter on their blog. Yes, I know, I made the comment, and the comment points to this blog! But I just wanted an example to use.

The next two screenshots will show how to make sure that you will set up a back link when you make a comment. Of course you need to have comluv installed on the blog that you are trying to send the back link to.

This first screenshot shows that comluv has not yet been activated for this comment. Note that the Check Box is not ticked, and that the CommentLuv icon is showing on the right hand side.

Comment Plugin

To be able to set up the Back Link you will have to click the Check Box (add a tick to it) and then a recent post from your site will show, as indicated in the next screenshot. If you have several posts to choose from you can select one from those displayed when you click on the down arrow on the right hand side.


That’s it. Submit your comment and when it is approved, a back link to your blog has been established.

Add a comment below to tell what you like about the plugin. And of course set up a back link to your site!

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  • Gilberto Cintron said,

    Excellent explanation and illustration of how to install and use this awesome plugin, Com Luv.

    Tuche, Neville.

  • Harriet said,

    Looks like I’m going to be the first person to test out ComLuv on this blog post!!! And I can confirm it works! Its really good that you’ve installed it, I wouldn’t have found your blog otherwise. I find a lot of blogs that I like to read via the ComLuv site, it has loads of useful links to lots of different types of blogs. Well done for installing it!

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Gil and Harriet.

    I am finding that the comluv plugin is attracting comments, and as Harriet has pointed out, you also get to visit some interesting blogs that you have missed before insatlling the plugin.

  • Anne Sales | Coupon Codes said,

    Congratulations on the comluv installation. Comluv rocks! I remember the days when I had to insert my new blog post manually by using an HTML editor. Now Comluv does it automatically. Hurray!

  • Maria Pavel said,

    Hello Neville,

    Congratulations on your installation of CommentLuv, a good progress you did with your blog. You’re always working and improving your blog, and that’s just perfect! Also, great article with an excellent step-by-step tutorial, very good detailed, I really like it very much. Thank you for sharing this great article!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,