Self Hosting Your Own Blog: A Good Move?

Posted by Neville on January 14, 2011 under Blogging | Read the First Comment

Shared Or Free Blog vs Self Hosted.

This blog offers a hosting package that allows a subscriber to have a fully featured WordPress blog running on a subdomain here at dotrim.

That is an ideal way to get started with blogging, and is, I believe a much better option than choosing a free blog at Blogger or WordPress. There are other options that claim to provide you with a powerful blog, but in my experience, most have limitations in the ways that you can use them. By using a blog that is hosted on someone else’s site, you will always be limited by what that provider will allow you to do, and it is always subject to be shut down at any time.

That is also true of a blog hosted here at dotrim, but there is no intention of that happening.


To  establish and maintain as much control over your own blog the best option will always be to host it on your own site.

So at the risk of losing potential clients of the dotrim service I would recommend a self-hosted blog to anybody wanting to get serious with their blogging, because they have important things to share, or they have heard that the money is in blogging.

Where Can I Self Host My Blog? One Option.

To help with that decision I have provide a link to the provider of this host in the sidebar. As is usual with advertising like that you need to beware that the price quoted is not necessarily what you decide to pay. For example the $4.95 per month is only applicable to a very basic account paid for 3 years in 1 payment. I have a monthly payment of $9.95 for a more powerful service, with unlimited domains and sites that can hosted there.

It is always best that you check these things out for yourself, so why not take a look at Hostgator to see if there is a plan that suits your needs and budget?

You will of course, also need a domain on  which to host your blog, and that too can be arranged through Hostgator.

When you have decided that self hosting is for you, there will be challenges involved with getting the site up and running, and installing the blog. Check back here for hints and tips to help with establishing your self-hosted blog.

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  • Maria Pavel said,

    I personally preffer and recommend ‘Self-shared’. I just like to have my own websites hosted on my own hosting machine so I can modify it in whatever way I want. I really like to have full control and access anytime, anywhere. But it’s better for the newbies to host it at a hosting company, they will deal with the support (I guess) and it will be much easier for you.

    Have a great day!

    Best regards,