Save Time: Recycle Widgets

Posted by Neville on January 17, 2011 under Blogging, How To | Read the First Comment

How To Recyle Widgets and Save Time:

This hint came from a chat with a fellow blogger a few days ago.

recycle widgetIf you need to give a widget a bit of a rest, or replace it with something else for a short time, do not delete it. It can be dragged into the Inactive Widget storage area, from where it can be retrieved later if needed. That will man that you do not have to set it up again, but simply drag it back to the sidebar to make it active again.

Special hint: Before you drag to the Inactive Widget store, make sure that the widget has a title so that it can be easily located when you want to reactivate it.

This technique is particularly useful if you want to swap ad blocks, by say, replacing an AdSense skyscraper block with a smaller square block, or even an ad block from another advertising service.

Here’s the process again:

  • Open the Dashboard and select Appearance -> Widgets.
  • Make sure the widget to be removed has a title.
  • Drag it to the Inactive Widgets area of the Widgets page.
  • Done. Simple wasn’t it?
  • To get the widget back:
    • Drag it from the Inactive Widgets area to the sidebar.

This little tip could save you lots of time, especially by not having to do things like set up new ad blocks. Simple but very effective!

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  • Maria Pavel said,

    Very useful post, recycling widgets is very good for the healthiness of the website, it sure helps a lot. Like you said ‘simple but very effective’. Thank you very much for sharing this article, I’m going to recycle my widgets after this comment. Have a great day, Maria.