Got Your RSS Feed Yet?

Posted by Neville on January 5, 2011 under Blogging, How To | Comments are off for this article

What is RSS?

RSS is one of those features that lives up to its name: Really Simple Syndication.

It has advantages for the reader and the owner of a site, such as a blog.

This post will concentrate on the positives for a reader.

Subscribing to an RSS feed is Really Simple.

In the  case for this blog, it’s just a matter of clicking the well recognized orange RSS icon in the sidebar, at the top of the sidebar, where it’s nice and easy to find.

So what does that do?

RSS ReaderWhen you click the icon or Subscribe in a Reader link, it opens a page asking  which Reader you want to use. Mine always asks if I want to use Google Reader, because I have set that as the default. There are other otions available.

Google Reader is a part of the bundle of services you can get with a free Google account. Since I have a gmail account, I have chosen to stick with Google Reader.

Google Reader is accessable from your gmail account, and any other Google application.

If you accept the invitation to subscribe in a reader (Google for example), that feed from the site will be added to the list of subscribed sites in that reader.

Whenever a new post is added to the site, the reader is updated, and the latest post appears in the list of Items. The appearance andSubscribe to RSS function of Google Reader is much the same as gmail, with the ability to organize your subscriptions in various ways.

With all of your RSS subscriptions in the one place that makes a reader a very useful organizational and time saving tool, to check out your favourite sites, without having to bookmark them all. It gives an up to date list of recent articles. When a post takes your interest and you want to check it out further, the link in your reader will take you to the original site.

So there it is RSS for readers. A Really Simple way to Syndicate all of your favourite bogs and sites in the one place.

This post has just touched the surface with a couple of tips about using RSS and a reader. Explore your reader to discover ways to find more great sites, to organize your subscriptions and to keep up with your favourites.

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