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Posted by Neville on January 28, 2011 under Blogging, Traffic | 2 Comments to Read


Welcome Traffic Ad Bar Users:

If you found this page while surfing with Traffic Ad Bar, you already know the advantages of being a member.

If you  came to this page from some other way,

 have you considered what Traffic Ad Bar can do for your traffic?

Check the graph below:

Traffic Ad Bar

This graph from Google Analytics shows the hits to this site in the past few days. It started low because the GA code was not active and I had not been using Traffic Ad Bar to gain points for a few days.

After just  1 day of surfing for points in TAB the numbers went up quite sharply. To be totally honest,  the bounce rate increased a little and the average time on site decreased a bit.

But the graph does show that hits to a site are generated by the use of Traffic Ad Bar.

If you are not using that service you can check it out by clicking the banner above or this Link.

I am sure that similar results could be achieved with other Traffic Exchanges, and I am about to try a few, with the aim of increasing traffic and raising awareness of this blog.

What is your experience with Traffic Exchanges? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Maria Pavel said,


    I use traffic exchange systems too. I love them, they’re the easiest way of getting people on your website, efortless. Less effort on bringing readers, much power on writing quality content. Congratulations for the great job you did with Traffic Ad Bar.

    Best regards,


  • Neville said,

    Thanks Maria,

    Right now TAB are offering great bonuses to help build up credits and build numbers to your sites. I recommend signing up and upgrading, which is also being offered at a reduced rate for a short time.

    Surfing at TAB is quick and easy, and the sites you see have some good ones amongst them. Plus you get your sites shown to members as well, to build your presence and grab some hits.