Demystifying Links and Blogrolls

Posted by Neville on January 4, 2011 under Blogging, Links | Read the First Comment

Setting Up Links In A Blog.

LinksLinks to other bogs and sites are often shown on a blog, typically in a sidebar, just like this blog. I have 2 different link locations in the sidebar of this blog, one for links to other blogs at dotrim, and the other for links to other domains and locations.

This blog came with a set of default links in a link category called blogroll. I have chosen not to display those links, but rather to set up my own Link Categories and set these to be shown in the sidebar.

How To Manage Links.

  • First open the Dashboard and click the Links menu, that opens to display the links, with menu options for Add New and Link Categories.
  • To set up a new category, click the Link Categories option.
  • In the page that opens:
    • You can add the name of your new category.
    • Add a slug (see what that is under the box the add the slug).
    • Add a description if you wish (optional).
    • Click the Add Category button. That’s it! New Category added!
  • The Link Categories page also allows you edit any current categories.

That’s the first bit done!

Now to add a link:

  • The Links Menu should still be open. Click the Add New menu option.
  • On the page that opens:
    • Add a Name for the link.
    • Add the URL of the site you are linking to.
    • Add a short description.
    • Choose the Link Category to add it to.
    • Click the Update button to add the link.

Your added links will not show unless you have a Links Widget in the sidebar. To see how to do that check out this post, remembering that you will be adding a Links Widget. When the Widget has been added to the sidebar, edit it to show the Link Category that you wish to display, and save it.

This post has discussed the process for adding links. The reasons for adding links will be the topic for another discussion, except for now to point out that there several good reasons to add links to your blog.

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