CopyCat Blogging

Posted by Neville on January 16, 2011 under Blogging, Comments | 4 Comments to Read

Looking for ideas to make your blog zing?

Do you have a few favourite blogs that you visit regularly?RSS feed

What brings you back to them? What makes that blog stand out from all of the others you might have visited and never go back to them?

Answer these questions and you will have some great starting points for your own blog.

Copy what you like about these blogs. No, I don’t mean copy their content. Make the content of your blog your own, or specifically written for your blog by a guest writer.

Copy their style. Copy the appearance, with your own modifications. How many columns? What is in the sidebar? How long are the posts? How often are posts added?

Yes, lots more questions. Ask them over and over. And lots more.

Don’t worry about being a copycat.

TwitterWhat is a good way to keep up with your favourite blogs? Find the RSS feed and add the feed to your favourite RSS feed reader. That puts them all in the one spot for easy access.

There may be other ways on a blog to keep up to date with recent posts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Use them to be a successful copycat.

Share your favorite blog by adding something about it as a comment.

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