Comments and Back Links: An Introduction

Posted by Neville on January 25, 2011 under Comments | 2 Comments to Read

Using Comments and Back Links.

comluv pluginIf you look at the expert bloggers and their blogs you will see that comments are regularly added to their posts. Have you ever wondered why that is so?

One reason could be that new bloggers are encouraged to comment, and to choose high ranking blogs as they have the greatest number of readers and from there you may gather some readers to their blog.

How does that work?

When you leave a comment, you usually have the option to supply a link to your site, and whenyour comment is shown that link will become active and other readers can click it to visit.

Unfortunately some commenters think that just any comment will achieve the result of getting those visitors. Some just copy an irrelevant comment.

A real commenter will make a comment that shows that they have read and understood the article, and their comment will either add to the article or ask for more information or a clarification.

There are a range of plugins that can help with the management of comments. This post will just mention a couple.

  • Akismet: this plugin will catch the potential spam comments and either store them for you to evaluate or delete. This is really handy for saving the time having to review each comment to see if it is from a real commenter or from a commment bot. Akismet come with the WP installation, and needs a code from Akismet to activate it.
  • comluv: This plugin has the ability to attract commenters to your blog and also to proved backlinks to your own blog. When you install this and comment on other blogs that have it installed, a link to your site will be provided. When using comluv you can search for blogs that would be suitable for you comment, thus making it easier to get those valued backlinks.

What do you do to attract comments?

How do you deal with spam comments?

How often do you comment on other blogs? Which blogs?

Do you respond to each comment made on your blog? I know I should make the ffort to do that more.

Add any answers to these questions and I will respond to them. If you have comluv installed you will also pick up a back link to your blog.

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  • Neville said,

    Just a quick note about Akismet. I have just discovered that you need to regularly check the spam queue set up by Aksimet because sometimes legitimate comments might be caught by the spam filter.

    I nearly missed a couple of comments on an earlier post.

  • Rajesh Kumar said,

    I am getting many irrelevant comments on my blogs… All I am putting under spam category… For Example I made a blog on TV.. made and was not have time to update that, result.. full of irrelevant comments… If you comment on same niche of your blog than that is counted as good comment… After joining APsense I am looking a good friend in you..