Blog Maintenance: What Does That Mean?

Posted by Neville on January 3, 2011 under Blogging, How To | Comments are off for this article

Surely You Don’t Have To Maintain A Blog.

Don’t you just add posts and it looks after itself? No such luck!

Yesterday I marked my status at APSense as Blog Maintenance Time.

In this post I will outline what that meant.

From time to time it will be necessary to do more than just add a post or reply to comments. To either add features or keep the blog up to date there a certain things that can be done.

Updating a blog.

Update blogThe first of these is to update the blog to the latest version, which if available will be announced in the dashboard. Before starting that update, or any update it is a good plan to backup your blog.

So step 1 is to backup the blog, and then step 2 is install the update. That was simply a matter of clicking the link announcing the update and using the automatic install option. That took just a few seconds to complete.

Managing Subscribers.

For the past few weeks readers have been able to register as subscribers in the Admin box in the sidebar. I have now decided to transfer those subscribers to my Auto-Responder to make it easier to sens messages to them. So yesterday’s maintenance was to email each subscriber to check that it is OK to add them to my AR list.

Adding Features

And thirdly I have added a Feedburner RSS  Feed to the sidebar to make it easier for readers to subscribe to the blog in their favourite Reader.

I use the Google Reader as it comes with my gmail account, Google Analytics and others services. When you see a “What is this ?” link under the RSS, that will take you to a post describing what RSS is and how it benefits you as the reader. Coming soon! You can, however, click the Feed button (in the sidebar) to subcribe in a reader right now! 

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