Why Would Anyone Want To Blog?

Posted by Neville on December 6, 2010 under Blogging | Comments are off for this article

If your friends and relatives catch onto the fact that you have a blog they often give you the impression of “Why Bother?”

And I guess that thought might even have crossed your mind too.

This post might just answer that question, and as more answers are found, the post will grow.

Why Blog?

That is going to depend on each blogger and their reason for blogging.Why Blog

This incomplete list will have some of those reasons.

Self Expression

Running a blog can be a way to get your opinions and ideas out in the open. There may be others interested in what you have to say, or who want to debate your opinions. Putting your thoughts into a blog requires some discipline and preparation, and this is going to help you express yourself well.

Business and Money making

In the eyes of some people this seems to be the only reason to blog. There are blogs everywhere that are simply blatant attempts at getting readers to part with their cash. These blogs are filled with ads, affiliate links and wonderful offers.



Travelling around the country on foot or by bicycle? What better way to share your experiences by calling at the local WiFi hotspot and blogging about them

Well, that’s got the ball rolling with this post. Care to add any comments?

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