How Regular Are You?

Posted by Neville on December 15, 2010 under Blogging | 2 Comments to Read

A Strategy For Regular Blog Posting.

In a recent post on this blog I mentioned that it was a good idea for regular posts to be added to a blog.

When life gets in the way that sometimes makes it difficult to write a post each day, or maybe even a post each week. And the dreaded Writer’s Block sometimes makes it impossible to get a post up when one is due.

I am writing this article as a reminder to me about a way to solve that problem.

Often good ideas for writing (or adding) to a blog come in groups, and if they are not written down or stored in some way, they escape, never to see the light of day. Most of my¬†better ideas come when doing something that allows for thinking time, like when doing chores in the garden, or painting walls in one of he rooms in the house. If I don’t write them down, they soon vanish.

So here’s the plan.

dotrimCarry a notebook and pen, and jot down any points that come from out the blue. Just the main points, not the details otherwise I won’t get any jobs done and the weeds will take over.

Transfer the notes to draft posts in the blog at the next opportunity, and publish them when they have been fine tuned.

That way there will be a supply of partly prepared articles ready for editing and posting at those time when a new post should be added. Writer’s Block need not be an issue.

I will have to see how I go with the plan.

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  • Catherine White said,

    Great tip here Neville. I often think of a blog topic while I am in the middle of something else. I try to jot down a note or a Title which will jog my memory when it comes time to write a post. (Now if I can just find my note)

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Catherine,

    I found a little notebook from a couple of years ago that had some ideas that I thought would be worth keeping, I must get it out and go through it again.
    It might even be worth while going through a journal I kept many years ago to put on another of my blogs.