Get Off The Highway: Take The Side Roads

Posted by Neville on December 17, 2010 under Blogging, Traffic | 2 Comments to Read

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic that seems to be magic word.

Some will tell you that you need to get traffic to your site, otherwise nothing will happen. The site will go un-noticed and if you hope to have it  make money, share your ideas or communicate with others, it will not succeed at any of those goals.

But that is not the whole story.

There are many ways to get traffic to your site.

TrafficHead On Down The Highway?

Some of the most obvious roads down the Highway include:

  • Participating in a Traffic Exchange.
  • Mailing out to a safelist.
  • Advertising your site on one of the many advertising services.
  • Sharing links with other sites.

These  usually require just a little time and effort setting them up, and then then go onto autopilot. This requires little ongoing effort on your part. Sounds good so far.

Your site sits beside the highway and the traffic zooms past down the highway on Cruise Control. They basically pass your gate, or because they are forced to by the need to build up points in their TE, stop for a few seconds and move on to the next site. Even worse they may stop at several places at the same time, and hardly get time time to look at your site. And that counts as a visit!

To get someone to stop and get out of the car in the rushing traffic, you really must have something that stands out, is completely different or just by coincidence attracts the attention of the passerby.

The Highway will get lots of traffic past your portal. But not much of it will enter.

Side RoadSo why not take the Side Road?

The traffic there is not so busy. The driver is perhaps looking at the scenery, wanting to stop and chat with one of the locals.

So where are these side roads. They are all over the place, you just need to finf them and head down them yourself.

There are

  • Forums (or is that Fora) on just about any topic.
  • Social sites, but choose carefully as some do not weed out the spammers.
  • Other blogs. Make yourself known to the blogger. Comment, but make it add to the blog.

Progress on the Side Road is likely to be slow. There are distractions and some locals are busy and don’t have time to chat. But the progress you make will be solid. You will meet more interesting people, learn lots of new things and see interesting sights.

Being neighbourly people, many of the locals on the Side Roads will come and visit you, and share their produce with you, just as you shared with them.

So take  a side trip down one of those roads. The traffic is slower, but at least some other drivers open their car doors and share with you, often forming long term relationships.

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  • Toshiba Burton said,

    Thanks for sharing this article with us what you said is the plain ole truth and it makes a lot of sense.

  • Laura said,

    Neville, that was an excellent analogy and absolutely true. Getting traffic to your site involves time and effort. Getting them to come back for more is a bit tougher. Good content and value to our readers will keep them coming back. Your content is always valuable! I will definately be back for more.