Everything Is Broken: Fixing a Busted Theme

Posted by Neville on December 29, 2010 under Blogging, How To | 2 Comments to Read

Is Your Theme Playing Up?

A few posts ago I showed how I had been tinkering with a theme by playing with the source code. Broken Theme

I did warn readers that messing around in the code can cause problems. I have also mentioned that it is a good idea to back up your blog just in case something goes wrong, especially before you play with the source code.

Tinkering with things can cause problems, just like when I tried to fix my old shed door! Simple solution to that one. Remove the doors.

Despite your best efforts and intentions editing the code on your template (or theme) might just cause unexpected problems, and these can be difficult to trace and fix.

The following strategy might just be the way to get you out of trouble. It has worked for me when I tested it on my test blog.

The strategy for fixing a broken, or misbehaving theme.

First: Back Up your blog. Just inĀ  case the following doesn’t work.

  • Install and activate a different theme.
  • Delete the theme causing the problem.
  • Reinstall that theme again, and activate it.
  • It should now be the active theme, with defaults set, and the problems gone.

Sometimes changing themes causes widgets in the sidebars to be stored in the inactive widgets holding spot. They can draggged back into the sidebar from there, without having to be set up completely again.

Hopefully there’s no need to feel like this:

Everything Is Broken

by Bob Dylan

Broken lines, broken strings,
Broken threads, broken springs,
Broken idols, broken heads,
People sleeping in broken beds.
Ain’t no use jiving
Ain’t no use joking
Everything is broken.

There is often a simple solution that seems to escape us despite trying hard to find it. I hope this one works for you, if you ever need it.

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  • Tony Denson said,

    This is too cool Common sense problem solving reborn right here. Since I am a new webhost manager I will come here often.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Tony. Hopefully you won’t need to fix too many problems like this. By the way, have you subbscribed to my flash new RSS feed yet?