A New Year Ahead: Time To Assess

Posted by Neville on December 31, 2010 under Blogging, Traffic | Comments are off for this article

A Milestone Approaches:

As the year is about to end, and this blog hits its third month it’s time to assess where it is at.Assessment

It is also a good chance to discuss a few of the tools that can be used to assess how a blog is progressing. Of course the tools you use to assess your blog will depend on the purpose of the blog.

As this blog is aimed at providing information, including Tips and How To… do things on a WP blog, I will want to assess if it it doing that.

First I will have to discover if people are finding the blog and whether they are spending time on the site.

There are several tools that I use, but this post will not go into details about how to set them up, but will attempt to show they are used.

These tools include:

  • Google Analytics.
    • This gives a graphical picture of fluctuations in the numbers of visitors and I regularly check the chart to get a general feel for traffic numbers.
    • Even more useful are the Bounce Rate, Average Time On Site and New Visits.
      • Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors that look at just 1 page. This number best if small or is geting smaller over time. that means that people are staying on site and looking around.
      • Average Time On Site: You want this value to increase, and will be related to the above. Looking at more pages usually means staying on the site longer.
      • New Visits: Another number that should decrease over time as visitors return to your site.
      • The above can be expanded to give detailed reports, but you need to beware that spending too much analysing details, can take away from your productive time.
    • I am pleased to report that generally all of the above are heading in the right direction for this blog. Thank you to the readers who return.
  • Alexa Ranking.
    • This one is a little strange as the value decreases as the ranking improves.
    • It provides a number which gives an impression of the standing of the site compared with other sites on the internet.
    • Google usually shows up at #1, eBay Australia, somewhere around #430. These numbers fluctuate on a day by day basis.
    • As blogs tend to have content added on a regular basis this helps with Alexa ranking, as new content is sought by Search Engines.
    • In this area, this blog (along with all others on the domain) has shown dramatic advances in the 3 months, and today, has just hit a value below 400,000 for the first time.
  • Comments:
    • The number and relevance of comments is also a good indicator of how a blog is being received.
    • I have been pleased to see a jump in comments in the past month, once agian thanks to the commenters.

There are other ways of gauging the success and elvenace of a blog, but these will do for starters, and it’s a good idea not to get caight up in “Analysis Paralysis”.

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