A Change Is In The Air

Posted by Neville on December 20, 2010 under Blogging | Comments are off for this article

Preparing For The New Year.

One of the recommendations made here about where a blog is hosted, is that it is preferable for people to host a blog on their own domain.

WrenThe reasons for this include,

  • The blog owner has full control of the site. It will not just disappear because the blog provider has decided to shut up shop, or because you said something to annoy them.
  • Your own blog, hosted on your domain, gives you the ability to use all of the features of WP, not a cut down or restricted access version on some shared sites.
  • Your own domain and self hosting is valuable in branding yourself and your blog. Why should someone else’s site get the value from the exposure that your blog brings?


Therefore the offer for this site to host a blog for you is to be withdrawn at the end of this month, Dec 2010. If you still wish to take up that offer you can, and the blog you run will be available to you for as long as this domain is maintained. There are no plans to shut down the domain or cancel any blogs hosted there.

The offer will be replaced by another which will provide subscribers with access to training materials, while showing them how set up their own self-hosted blog and encouraging them to do so.

Look out for the new service to be announced in the New Year.

Yes, I know that the little bird picture has no relation to the topic of this post, but I just wanted to share with you this little visitor to my garden.

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