Tweaking A Theme In WordPress

Posted by Neville on November 11, 2010 under Blogging, How To | Comments are off for this article

Did you notice the small difference?

Just before I started to write this post I edited the source code of the theme to make the font size for each post just a little bigger.

That is something that a blog owner at dotrim can do with their blog to. Tweaking your theme is often not possible when using aTheme Edit WordPress blog on a shared, or networked blog, because the Theme Edit option is not available on the dashboard.

Another good reason to have a blog hosted here at

This post is not going to show how to do simple editing like this, as I wanted to point out this advantage of running a blog hosted here at dotrim.

The big question is Why would anyone want to edit a theme any way?

Well in this instance, I have been happy with the ¬†general appearance of the theme, but when compared with some others, I felt that the text font size was a little small. So a quick little edit of one line of the source code of one of the theme’s files allowed me to increase the text size just a little.

As time goes by I will possibly tweak some other features of the theme. All can be done by using the the Theme Editor option on the dashboard.

When you have your own blog at dotrim, I will be happy to show how simple little edits like these can done.

A word of caution: playing around with source code can cause unexpected and fatal problems, so before I do this sort of editing I experiment with another of my blogs here at dotrim.

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