The Dangers In Using An Online Translator

Posted by Neville on November 5, 2010 under Blogging, Comments | Read the First Comment

online translatorDo You Use An Online Translator?

One of the greatest bugbears for a blog owner is dealing with spam comments.


Here is one that that I just had to add, simply because it is an ideal example of what can go wrong when using an online translator to convert from one language to another.


Someone, most likely using an auotobot to post comments, with their first language not being English tried to add the following comment to a post in this blog.

Thanks a ton to get a especially clear and valuable publish. I’m undeniably a violator of lots of these procedures. I typically unearth by myself conflicted when writing a weblog put up because I see myself producing greater than people today want to study, but I believe that I have got to do the topic matter proper rights by thoroughly protecting it. I think that by subsequent a few of these rules I finish up slicing out very important facets towards the dialogue. I guess you could have to come across a balance.


This looks to me like a prime example of Manglish (Mangled English), and I defy anyone to be able toTranslator convert it back to meaningful English.


It is full of grammatical and syntax problems, as well as being very difficult to understand what is the point of the comment.


This comment has been sent to the trash can, just like other similar comments, unrelated to the post where the comment has been made.

Real people, using their brain are invited to comment on posts in this blog, but auto-comments like this one are given the boot.

If you think you can interpret the comment I have highlighted, by all means do that by way of a comment.

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  • Dave Gilbert said,

    heres your translation Nev guess you didn’t realise i majored in manglish lol

    Thanks for posting this valuable guide, I tend to break many of the points you raise when writing a webblog because i tend to get very technical and detailed which makes my posts very long and hard to read, I am of the belief though that this is necessary if I am to cover the topic properly and that by following your guide I would not be able to do the subject justice as i would invariably leave out significant points of interest however I do feel you have to try and balance a post so that it appeals to a wide audience.