Navigating Through A Blog: Tips for Readers and Writers

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Helping Readers Find What They A Looking For.

A blog traditionally displays the latest post pushing all previous posts deeper into the site. This sometimes makes it difficult to find a particular post that you either know you saw some time ago, or think that there should be a post of that topic in the blog.

An Index

NavigatingIn this blog, I will occasionally update the About page with links to earlier posts, arranged into topics.  Some blogs will also have an Archive widget in the sidebar to help find previous posts by the months in which post were made.


When a blog shows the categories in a sidebar, you can click a category and posts in that category only will be selected for the reader to try to find the post they are searching for.


A tag cloud, like the one shown in the sidebar here is also another example of how to help readers find posts on a particular topic. Clicking a tag in the cloud, filters the posts and shows just those with that tag.

Search Box

Another option, not yet taken uo on this blog is to proved a search box that allows the reader to put in a search term to locate post where that term appears. Must get around to that!

Make Your Posts Easy To Find

When managing a blog, it is always a good idea to remind yourself about making it easier for the reader to find what they are looking for in your blog. Providing different ways for your readers to search out that elusive post will do that for you.

This post has outlined just some of the ways to help readers. If you can tell about others please add them as a comment.

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