Blog Naming Competition Has Ended

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To celebrate the beginning of this new site we invited readers to submit what they thought would be a great acronym, using the letters D O T R I M, that could be used for this website and blog.

Some time was spent searching for a domain name to host this blog, and several options were considered. It seemed that a short and punchy name would be best, but finding such a name, that was not already taken was proving to be tricky.

I mean google had already been taken!

I already have a domain based on my name so that wasn’t an option either.

So I figured that using an acronym for the domain name would be the way to go. But what acroynm? 

The initial focus of this blog is to discuss aspects of blogging, for business, creative or personal purposes.

Next problem was to find an acronym that reflects that focus.

To use as the subtitle for the blog.

Something that would easy to remember and be easy to say?

(dot rim dot com) 

From the entries a winner has been selected, and they are entitled to

a completely FREE blog,

with their choice of title and topic, to be hosted at this website.

Details have been forwarded to the winner.

If you missed the contest  you can still get your own fully featured Word Press blog at this site.

 Just check the post below for details about and to sign up for a blog at dotrim. Please note the winner’s blog will have all of the features in those described in the announcement.

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