Adding An Image To A Blog Post

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How To Add An Image Into A Blog Post

In an an earlier post I mentioned that it is useful to add images to break up the text in a post.

Parrot Food


In this post I will outline the process for adding a picture to a post. The photo that will be added is for the benefit of one of the new subscribers to this blog. I hope you enjoy the parrot food photo Troy.

Add ImageImages can be added from 3 sources:

  • From your  computer, or stored on a disk in your computer. From Computer
  • From the web. You will need to locate the image and put in the address of that location. From URL.
  • From images already stored on your blog site, from previously uploaded images. Media Library.

The Process For Adding An Image

Here are the basic steps for adding an image to a post. I am assuming that the text for the post has been drafted and the image is going to be added to a position in the text. I am also working in Visual mode in the editing box

  • The first step would be to find the postion in the post’s text where you would like to place the image.
  • Click on the Add an Image icon from the Upload/Insert options above the toolbar of the editing box. That will display the pop-up window as shown above.
  • Select the option for inserting the image. I chose From Computer and browsed my computer until I found the file and clicked on it to upload it.
  • That places the image in the Media Library, and in there you can edit its properties, such as giving it an Alt text tag, adding a caption, editing any links that the image points to and changing its size and location in the post.
  • When that is done select the Add To Post button to add it to the post.
  • The image should now show in the editing box, and can moved around and have its size changed in there.

I have added at the end of this post, a silent (no audio) video that shows how I added the Sunflower image to this post. The video needs a bit of editing and some of the action appears of  screen, but hopefully you can see the important steps. I guess the next thing I need to do is set up a microphone for recording audio, and get a bit of practice making videos.

View Video Here

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