Traffic Exchanges: Useful or a Waste Of Time?

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What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Traffic Exchanges promise to bring traffic (or visitors) to your site.

Traffic Exchange


They do this by rewarding you with credits for visiting other sites, or even getting you to pay for credits, and allowing you to use these credits to display your site, or a preview of it, on their Exchange.  

When people visit your site from the Exchange credits are deducted from the credits you have allocated to that site.

In this way you are promised more visitors to your site that should mean more chance for action, but that is not always going to be the case.

If we look at what a Traffic Exchange is, and what it does, that might help understand why the reality does not always match up with the promise.

My limited experience with Traffic Exchanges tells me that:

A Traffic Exchange is where:

  • People with something, (or a program) to sell will sign up to a Traffic Exchange to
  • Sell to other members of that Traffic Exchange.
  • It appears that very few people sign up to find something (or a program) to investigate, or buy.

My conclusion:

A Traffic Exchange is not likely to get people willing to buy your products or programs because the others in the Exchange basically joined to sell their products or programs. It may boost your visitor numbers, but if those numbers do not convert to sales then you have gained very little.

In recent times it appears that owners of Traffic Exchanges have realised that this is a problem, so now they seem to be appearing in all sorts of disguises.

But if the program offers promises of visitors (or subscribers) to your site, and in particular, rewards you for visiting other member sites, it looks and sounds to me like a Traffic Exchange.

A Traffic Exchange may bring more visitors to your site, but if that doesn’t convert into sales (or other desired action), you may be spending time and money that could be used elsewhere gaining quality visitors and potential sales.

Feel Free To Tell Me That I Am Wrong!

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