Tossing Out The Garbage

Posted by Neville on October 14, 2010 under Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Removing Garbage

About 10 days ago I spent a night following all of the different “opportunities” that came up on my computer from just one signup or subscription to a Safelist.

garbageInitially I set out just to experience what a Safelist is and to discover if there might be any value in subscribing.

But I got much more than a Safelist.

After the first subscription, I was offered a One Time Offer that the splash page told me was too good to refuse. I refused! But then I got another offer of exactly the same thing at a reduced price! I refused again, to be offered the same thing as a monthly subscription. I refused again.

From there I was taken to another FREE signup, this time to a Traffic Exchange. Out of curiosity, I signed up and guess what! I got the same sort of series of One Time Offers, this time for upgrades to the Traffic Exchange.

But it didn’t stop there! More FREE signups for other “essential” Traffic generation and management systems, with the same sort of One Time Offers. I eventually gave into one and signed up, and thankfully they refunded when I unsubscribed after a quick check to see that the program offered was useless to me.

Now, later today I will have to go through and unsubscribe from the others, but at least they were free, and I won’t have to chase refunds. My email inbox will also get some relief from the flood of rubbish offers that came from the Safelist.

So what did I discover?

A Safelist is just a whole bunch of wanna-be Internet Marketers who have joined the Safelist to┬ásend offers to other wanna-be Internet Marketers who want to sell their offers to wanna-be Internet Marketers who …. I think you get the idea.

I ran a quick experiment using the Safelist (I could send a message once per week to up to whatever credits I had accrued) and I chose to send a message to 2000 out of my 2070 credits.

It is now nearly 48 hours since the message was delivered, and in that time, according to the visitor stats on this blog, 12 visits came from the link in my message. Not one of the visits resulted in any action, which did not require any cost or committment other than complete a form to enter a contest.


Safelists are a waste of time and effort.

Much better to establish authority to attract REAL Traffic from thinking people, not just robots following slavishly the formula of the Safelist (and other Traffic generation) vendors.

At least I’ll be rid of some clutter. Hmm! What else has to go?

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