More Words To Watch

Posted by Neville on October 11, 2010 under Glossary | Comments are off for this article


This post continues the series of posts that features some common words that you will see your email inbox, in the hope that you will part with some of your hard earned cash.

The list is incomplete, and I am happy for people to contribute their own suggestions by way of comments. If your suggestion is added to a subsequent post you will be acknowledged and a link to your site will be provided.

Part 2!

Viral ( often used with words like Traffic, Hits, etc):

I have always thought that anything viral is something to steer clear of. Viruses cause nasty things to happen to the body and to computers, so why would I want anything viral.

I succumbed the other day and joined a program with the word Viral as part of its title.

I should have have known better. All I could see was an inferior Search bar added to the top of this blog. That bar will be gone very soon, when I find out how to get rid of it.

Lesson learned: Keep clear of anything VIRAL!


Anything worthwhile will take time, so don’t be taken in by the notion that something is going to happen instantly. The chances of instant success are about the same as instant riches from a lottery.

Most overnight successes take years to develop, so be wary of marketers promising instant rewards. They will probably be the ones getting the rewards, on your efforts.

Add your suggestions for this list as a comment?

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