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Posted by Neville on October 3, 2010 under Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Instant Blog Subscribers: A Review.

Encouraged by fellow members of a Social Networking I finally gave in and subscribed to InstantBlogSubscribers to see for myself if the hype surrounding the service was just that, hype, or whether there was any substance.
Get Hundreds of INSTANT Subscribers

After the first few days, it looks like hype is winning out.

InstantBlogSubscribers is FREE to join, and perhaps what you get is what you paid for.

On joining you are given a blog, with a simplified  Word Press platform, with the invitation to fill the blog with your own content, and then send that content to the 200 subscribers that you are promised. As a free member you can send to your subscribers once a week, and choose the number to send it to, based on how many credits that you have accumulated. You start with 100 credits.

You accumulate credits by reading other members blog entries, with links to them sent by email. Reading one blog gains you 4 credits. So reading, or visiting a blog for 30 seconds, on 25 occasions will get back all of your original 100 points if you choose to use them on 1 broadcast.

The hope is that you will read any blogs whose links are sent to you, and perhaps sign up for their opportunity or product. From a small sample of blogs that I have checked out at InstantBlogSubscribers, the vast majority are for opportunities that offer get rich quick programs. The word F*REE (or similar spellings) features prominently.

On first appearances this sytem looks like a Traffic Exchange, with members visiting each others sites to gain points to allow them to publish their own posts using the system. Upgraded members have a larger number of subscribers available to them, and more generous affiliate payments.

My first impressions may be a little harsh, so I will stick with it for a while yet, and will be keen to have comments from members who can point out more features that I have not yet discovered in the short time I have been involved.

I have a concern that the effort necessary post to the blog and to surf through other blogs to gain credits may not be a valuable use of time, especially while concentrating on establishing blogs on other sites.

If this review has triggered some interest and you want to check it out for yourself, you can get that information by clicking on the image in this post. By doing that, and signing up you will be using my affilaite link, and I might even get some earnings from that action. Now wouldn’t that be ironic.

Don’t forget to comment to add your opinion or to tell of your experience with InstantBlogSubscribers.

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