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This post will be the first in a series of posts that features some common words that you will see your email inbox, in the hope that you will part with some of your hard earned cash.Words

The list is incomplete, and I am happy for people to contribute their own suggestions by way of comments. If your suggestion is added to a subsequent post you will be acknowledged and a link to your site will be provided.

Well Here Goes!

F*R*E*E ( and all similar mis-spellings of the word FREE):

How does the saying go? Nothing in life is Free! Well the offer that you see in these “opportunities” may be free, but it will most likely be limited and you will be encouraged to upgrade, perhaps at huge cost.

I guess that the word FREE is butchered like that to keep out of Spam filters, which should perhaps tell you that the content of the email that goes with the word is probably SPAM.

Remember: You get what you paid for, and if you paid nothing…..


Whenever the marketer is about to tell how great it is to set your program on Autopilot for great rewards at little effort, be wary. The wise heads amongst us will say that not much comes to you with putting in the effort.

What is often on offer here is that you will go onto autopilot selling the program about going onto autopilot, to people wanting to set up their program on autopilot. A lot like the old letter-stuffing “opportunities” of years gone by, just updated to the new media. 

Now that’s got us started, what words would you like to add?

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