How Is Your Blog Growing?

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Inspiration From The Garden.

Gardening BloggingBeing out in the garden is one of those times when inspiration often happens for me. Usually the great ideas that I have while pulling weeds just get lost and nothing happens with them.

What I need is some method for recording those great ideas. Pen and paper might work, but that means putting the garden chores on hold while jotting down points to remember. Maybe I’ll just have make audio recordings, and that conjures all sorts of images, making it appear that I’m talking to myself.

One recent line of thinking was about how similar blogging as an activity is to gardening.

How Is Blogging Like Gardening

Some random thoughts.

Both Blogging and Gardening are activities that need to be worked on regularly to produce the results you are looking for.

  • Gardens produce fruit and vegetables or great looking flowers and foliage for appearance. These take time to develop and mature.
    • Blogs can be used to produce income or establish your authority in an area in which you have expertise to share. These are not things that happen overnight.
  • The soil needs to be prepared for plants to grow well and flourish. Sometimes just putting seeds or plants in and leaving them to fend for themselves will produce for you, but if they go into well prepared soil with the right nutrients you increase the chance of survival and growth to maturity.
    • The choice of platform, a title and focus for a blog will help to establish it in the early days, and help it grow to produce the results aimed for. Wise preparation in these areas, such as the platform and set-up of your blog will make it easier to manage and maintain.
  • Plants in the garden do not simply depend on their own resources. Companion planting with different but complementary plants will assist with growth and help ward off  pests.
    • Your blog should not try to exist in isolation. Share  your work with others, comment on the blogs that have the same or similar focus as yours.
  • Regular maintenance of your garden will keeps the weeds at bay, nurture your plants and lead to higher yields or better blooms.
    • Monitor your blog regularly, to make sure that your posts are topical. Respond to comments from others who visit the blog and actively comment on other blogs. Work on the blog and it will produce the results you require.
  • To attract the helpful insects and birds to your garden keep the plants healthy and vigorous. Sick and struggling plants are likely to be attacked by the nasties that you want to keep out of the garden. Prune to plants  encourage growth and get rid of unproductive plants.
    • Keep your blog interesting to visit. Make it easy to read, with pictures and text that are appealing to the eye as well as relevant to the topic. Go back and edit out posts that seemed OK at the time but don’t really fit now. Keep your blog looking professional by deleting the inane and irrelevant comments that show that the commenter has not really read the post.

These are just a few of the random thoughts that I had about the similarities between gardening and blogging.

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