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Want To Have A Go At Blogging?

Start with the platform that the experts use:

Word Press.

A Fully Functional Word Press Blog is waiting for you here on this site.

You will not need to have you own domain or host.

When you have made a great start and are ready to branch out on your own,

your blog can be exported to your own website.

The blog will be set up with all you need to get started.

There will be no need to find your domain, and host for the blog.

Everything will be set up and ready for you start blogging.

It will be hosted on this site and will have an address like the example below, depending on your blog’s title.

A blog focussed on Border Collie sheepdogs might be set up at:

(Sorry, that one’s been taken, but not operational right now).

You will have a fully featured Word Press blog, with the ability to edit and personalise in your own way.

To help you get started, there will be 5 installed themes to choose from. It will be possible to select from the wide range of free themes, or even upload one of your own, to get the look and feel that would like for your blog.

The blog will also come with 5 installed and activated plugins, to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sharing widgets to encourage readers and other features to enhance your blog. You will also be able to install and activate from hundreds of other plugins.

The blog that you will develop could be

  • Personal, to share with your friends and family.
  • Creative, to publish you own works, or collaborate with others to produce creative works, fiction, poetry, non-fiction.
  • Social, News commentary.
  • Business, supporting your on-line or off-line business.
  • Or for any other purpose you wish.

All of this for just $20.

A one-time only payment, no ongoing costs.


Once you have your blog set up, check through the posts and pages on this blog for hints and tips to help manage the blog.



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